Skills for Ethical Decision-Making

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IQC provides management system certification services to all clients without any discrimination, conflict of interest while complying with applicable statutory requirements at all locations where services are provided by adhering to the following:


  1. Demonstrate uncompromising honesty and integrity in all company activities and relationships.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest in management system certification services. 
  3. Avoid conflict of interest between work and personallife.
  4. Respect the dignity of all individuals.
  5. Promote a culture where honesty, fairness, respect and personal accountability are valued, encouraged and recognized.
  6. Create a safe workplace.
  7. Protect the environment
  8. Zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption
  9. No gift policy to personnel associated with IQC management system certification services except for gifts marked with IQC promotional logo
  10. Confidentiality of all information including trade secrets and client’s information obtained during management system audit
  11. Avoid relationships that might conflict with job responsibilities 
  12. Obtain IQC approval before accepting any position as an officer or director of outside business entities.
  13. Obtain IQC approval if planning to serve on the board of directors of a bona fide charitable, educational or other non- profit organization
  14. Avoid working with a business entity  outside individual IQC responsibilities 
  15. Use of electronic resources
    i.Protect User IDs, passwords and ensure their proper use. 
    ii.Ensure compliance to use of anti-virus tools, firewalls and any IQC applications.
    iii.Ensure compliance to clear desk and clear screen policy when workstations left unattended.
    iv.Protect confidential information while using at public places 
    v.Use only properly licensed copies of computer software
    vi.Not using IQC electronic resources for outside commercial ventures or personal financial gain.
    vii.Not to use IQC email system to send personal photos or other large non-business files, which can have negative impact on company’s network operations
  16. Zero tolerance towards incidents regarding harassment and inappropriate behavior
  17. Deliver management system certification services  with professionalism and plan for error free service.
  18. Not using alcohol or other prohibited substances at the office and workplace
  19. Maintain a business like image by having a professional appearance. 
  20. All employees to maintain personal hygiene, dress appropriately in business attire
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