Quality Audit:

Audit is an independent and planned review conducted to calibrate aspects of quality with the requirements for the performance and evaluate the effective implementation of planned arrangements.

The arrangements may be based on statutory, customer, technical and project specific requirements.

IQC has competent resources to conduct:

Technical Audit

Technical Audit

Project Audit​

Project Audit









  1. Technical audit
  2. Project audit 

Auditors are evaluated based on the requirements of an international standard and enhance confidence on their capability to conduct all types audit meeting applicable customer and statutory requirements and deliver value added report. 

WASH AUDIT - Work place Assessment for Safety and Hygiene

IQC has been registered under QCI with unique agency number WASHQCIAA019, and authorized for conducting Assessment on WASH - Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene under QCI. 

Clients interested for taking up the WASH ASSESSMENT prior to starting up their operations under nCOVID situation or who have started their operations, may also take up the WASH Assessment, to have a status quo check on the conformance to the guidelines stipulated by Ministry of Home Affairs or other government bodies (local, state and national) or industry specific guidelines and ensure safe operations and workplace by safeguaring health and safety of employees, cusotmers, suppliers, all stake-holders and public in general.

WASH standard is applicable for to any Organization / Industry / Business (manufacturing, services, trade etc).

Objective of the standard is to provide a holistic report to the client on the preparedness and processes established with regard to Hygiene and Safety specific to nCovid situation and ensure in the larger interest of the society that compliance is established with regarding requirements stipulated as applicable by Ministry of Home Affairs or relevant local or stage or national body, so that further spreading of the nCovid virus is contained.

WASH Scheme is processed through the following steps,

Step 1: client filling up the applicaiton for WASH along with self-assessment checklist and updating status with regard to requirements specified, to IQC

Step 2: IQC reviews the client information and the self-assessment checklist and submit the proposal / quotation for WASH assessement as per guideline of QCI

Step 3: Plan for onsite (or remote assessment in certain cases) assessment, considering the situation and the operational issues

Step 4: Conduct onsite / remote assessement as per the criteria (standard and guidance document of QCI) and provide the WASH assessment report to client and update QCI with a copy of the report

For more details on the assessment methodology, please do contact the following,

- Mr. Anil Kumar. V ( / +91.9845013323)

- Mr. Satish. V ( / +91.9620700050)

- Mrs. Sasikala. R ( / +91.9341414966)

For more details about WASH Scheme, please download

Application form for WASH scheme Assessment

Standard and Guidance Document on WASH Scheme

Self-assessment checklist for WASH Scheme


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