Notice on termination of association with Rajeev. B. Jammihal


"To whomsoever it may concern"

It is hereby informed that Mr. Rajeev. B. Jammihal was representing us during the period March 2009 to March 2012. After this date a public notice was published by us in ‘Punyanagari – Pune edition’ dated 31st May 2012 informing the cessation of his association with us from the said date i.e., 11th Mar’12.

It has now come to our knowledge that inspite of the above notice, Mr. Rajeev. B. Jammihal is misleading and unauthorisedly making use of our name and issue certificates purporting to be on behalf of Integrated Quality Certification Pvt Ltd (IQC) which is illegal.

The public are hereby cautioned once again not to entertain Mr. Rajeev. B. Jammihal and the company shall not be liable for any dealing done with him from 11th Mar’12.

For, Integrated Quality Certification Pvt Ltd


Anil Kumar.V

General Manager



4th Aug 2017

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