Integrated Quality Certification Pvt.Ltd (IQC) issues an accredited or unaccredited certificate of compliance to clients who have signed a legally enforceable certification agreement and after satisfactory completion of assessment of management systems meeting ISO 17021(latest edition) /  respective accreditation body requirements. All certified clients are registered on IQC website in the list of clients, which is accessible to interested parties. Client list in IQC web site is the only valid information on the status of certified clients.

Any company or an individual claiming to have an accredited or un-accredited certificate as having  been issued by IQC, but not listed in the clients list publically accessible on IQC website, shall be considered as  fraudulent or fake and is not authorized by IQC. 

IQC does not take responsibility for certificates submitted by any company or individual not listed in client list of IQC Website. However, IQC shall cooperate and confirm validity of any certificate, if referred by any company or individual, investigate on such issues and initiate appropriate action. 

Integrated Quality Certification Pvt.Ltd confirms that no contract has been signed with following companies and  also not issued accredited or unaccredited certificate of compliance.

  • Ledgan Co. Ltd.,Republic of Cameroon
  • Tose shabake niroughai solar sandrous, Iran

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